Automation and management for bodyshops
Use BodyshopFlow to instantly communicate with customers and teammates, automate and speed up routine operations, have pictures of the damage, invoices, and reports organized and easily accessed
  • Touch-free car repair
  • Electronic documentation processing distantly including electronic work authorization form
  • Avoid personal interactions between customer and CSR as well as between bodyshop staff
  • Remote pick-up and drop-off
  • Automated, fast, convenient, paperless communication with customers
  • High Definition wireless photos, guided by Insurance templates and estimate lines. Low resolution copy for insurance companies
  • Work Authorizations, rental agreements, prefilled and ready to print or electronically sign
  • Convenient in-shop communication: e-mail and pop-up supplement requests, containing pictures and voice records
  • Major OBDII scanners integration. Pre and Post scan reports added to the documentation folder
  • Automated repair status updates sent to customers. Review requests after delivery
Electronic paperwork prepared using assignment/estimate information
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Guided by Insurance templates and estimate lines photos, sorted, marked and easy to find
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Automatic and manual repair stage notifications. Bi-directional customer's communications
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Seamless in shop communications, without work process interruption and unnecessary walking
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One click insurer's documentation upload
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Pre and Post scanner reports integration
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Fast, convenient, profitable
New Assignments and paperwork

By automating processes are performed much faster and easier. Your bodyshop can serve more cars at the same time

  • Automatic new RO creation and customer's welcome letter.
  • Paperwork auto-generated and sent to customer before drop-off.
  • Damage photos and concerns received from customer before drop-off.
  • Customer can leave the shop immediately after drop-off.
Set-up photos and Insurance companies requirements

Significant time savings, your bodyshop can serve more cars

  • Easy photo documentation process according to Insurance requirements.
  • Pictures are wirelessly transferred to your share drive.
  • Pictures are conveniently organized in folders.
  • Pictures automatically organized and "stamped" with estimate lines.
  • Supplement pictures generate email reminders to the estimator with audio notes.
  • X-Ray mode makes small dents show up.
Customer communications

Customers save their time. They do not need to wait in line. Only drop off the car and hand over the keys

You can more accurately distribute the load on the employees and plan the work of your bodyshop, serving more vehicles

  • BodyshopFlow automatically offers the customer to send to the bodyshop photos of damage via web service, as well as fill out and sign electronically a Work Authorization, without coming to the bodyshop once again.
  • The customer can specify the planned date and time of vehicle drop off as well as pick up.
  • When a vehicle is handed over to the bodyshop, the customer and bodyshop manager do not need to waste time on manually completing the Work Authorization, printing it out and signing it by the customer.
  • Even if the customer does not pre-fill the Work Authorization (before his visit to the bodyshop), when the car is handed over for repair, it is enough to check the automatically pre-filled data (received from the Insurance company) on the tablet provided by the bodyshop, make corrections if necessary or add the missing data and sign with a gesture on the touch screen (finger / stylus). It is fast, convenient and technologically advanced, which indicates a high level of service and customer focus.
Seamless in shop communications, without work process interruption and unnecessary walking.

Significantly saves staff time, which allows them to focus on other important tasks and maintain more vehicles

  • Employees involved in the repair process can take a supplement photo during their work, record an audio comment and send it to a manager or estimator, who will immediately receive a notification and make the necessary decision.
Uploading photos and estimates to Insurance company with just one click

All data needed uploading with just one click

  • Previously, you had to do it in four labor-intensive stages, now in just one click – and nothing more is required
Automatic reports generating from vehicle diagnostic scanner

Saving staff time to spend on more important tasks

  • It’s enough to connect the scanner to the'vehicle first, and then to the computer and the BodyshopFlow software itself will perform all the operations and automatically generate PDF reports for all the vehicles you have scanned, saving each PDF report to the folder with the corresponding vehicle.
See how much more you will earn by embedding our software into your bodyshop
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Any questions?
  • How long does it take to embed software from the moment the request is left to a fully functioning software on all employee devices?

    Just about 15 minutes.

    Installation and configuration is about 5 minutes. Adding all employees is about 10 minutes

  • How long do employees get used to the software?

    According to the experience of bodyshops that are already using BodyshopFlow, employees will get used to the software after 1 - 2 days of use.

  • How difficult is it to install and configure software?

    There is nothing difficult but if you experience any difficulties, we will help you